Mina Umi Hair Cutting Scissor

We have the pair of scissors a beautician couldn’t want anything more than to get his hands on. The Mina Umi haircutting scissor changes the impression of a haircutting scissor.

The pair of scissors have been utilized by numerous beauticians and are completely suggested. The highlights of the haircutting scissor include:

  • A hardened steel compound body, suggested for right hand stylists.

  • The haircutting scissor is light weight, weighing just 42g.

  • The pair of scissor is gleaming like a mirror since it is done with a mirror clean completion.

  • It comes in various sizes going from 5 crawls to 7 inches.

  • It is a cut front line scissor with customizable key for honing the sharp edge, in the event that you utilized it all in all too much.

Mina Umi Hair Scissors

You should have trust on a couple or possibly one stylist to trim your hair. You are hypnotized by the way your stylist moves his hands, cutting and managing consistently, and gives you a magnum opus. However, have you at any point saw, they depend on their number one sets of scissors.

Presently you can give the hair style you need and on the hair type you need. This scissor is up for a slash!

They don’t utilize some other scissors aside from the ones they are OK with. For a scissor to assume a high position is troublesome. The scissor should be smooth, simple to deal with and ought to be sufficiently sharp to let the beautician utilize his creative mind with no interference.

Source: Mina Umi at Japan Scissors