Mina Black Diamond Cutting & Thinning Set

Whether you’re looking for a good pair of scissors to cut your child’s hair at home, trim your bangs in between salon visits, or are a professional hairstylist, you’ve come to the right place! The efficient and reliable cutting grade blade equipped, matte black body, and offset handle, makes the Mina timeless cutting and thinning scissors set the perfect choice for professional hair dressers and stylists.

They say diamonds are a lady’s best friend, but in this case, they are a hairdresser’s best friend too! As the name suggests, this pair of scissors is both efficient and stylish. The offset handle black cutting scissor has some salient features that make it stand up among the others.

Mina Black Diamond Hair Scissors Set

The black diamond cutting scissor is made up of reliable grade cutting blade making it a go-to choice for professional hair dressers. If you wish to keep a pair at home to retouch your haircut, then the deal is not bad, you can have a set of these black diamond cutting scissors at home.

After all it is better to use a smooth cutting scissor if you are experimenting with your hair. The offset handle helps greatly in adjusting the cutting angle, since it is designed to make a natural cutting angle. The professional hair dressers highly recommend these, in case you are willing to try bangs, for the sake of change.

The black diamond offset scissor has the following features:

  • An offset handle, making it easy to handle while cutting. Makes a more natural angle to put less strain on the arms and elbows.
  • The stainless steel alloy body black allergy-neutral coating. The stainless steel alloy helps in keeping the blade razor sharp.
  • A flat bevel blade for a smooth cut.
  • Light weight, being 42 grams per piece.
  • A tension screw key to adjust the tightening.
  • The scissors come with a leather pouch, a maintenance oil, leather cleaning cloth, and two combs.

Source: Mina Black Diamond Set at Japan Scissors